This is our favorite part. Once the application process has been completed, and you have been
approved for ownership, the real fun begins.

Paperwork is signed

A site is selected and a lease negotiated

We help you build your store

Operations training begins

  • Management
  • Safe food handling
  • Food prep
  • POS system
  • Texting program
  • Daily processes and procedures

Pre-opening sales and marketing is initiated

Grand Opening Event with corporate PR support

Ongoing marketing training and tools are provided

  • Yearly event planning
  • Community development
  • Customizable website presence for each location
  • Daily, weekly and monthly specials programs
  • Texting programs
  • Ongoing social media support
  • Ongoing print, TV and radio support

Any questions, comments, feedback, input?

We are always here to listen, guide and help in anyway that we can.